07 11 / 2013

Tim Dormer’s obsession with Bindi Irwin.

23 10 / 2013

Anonymous said: Just wondering, but I've been text voting this week but only got 1 confirm message back and it was the first time i voted, so are my votes being counted? If you vote, do you get an email each time?

Sorry dude Idk. I’ve never voted

23 10 / 2013

Can I just say something about one of the major topics in the tag. Yes, Tully kissed Drew without his permission, however she knows him REALLY well. We dont and she does. I don’t think she would have done it unless she knew he reciprocated the feelings. He probably started kissing back too so she kept going. I’m not a Tully fan at all, but people need to chill out. Drew was really happy with what happened so stop saying Tully assaulted him. If it was a really huge deal then Drew would have pushed away and explained to BB that he felt assaulted and that he shouldnt be punished for moving.

You know what is assault? A fucking clown shoving pie in housemates faces, but no one cared about that.

09 10 / 2013

Anonymous said: Who is your favourite girl housemate? Personally, I love Boog!

I adore Boog! But I’ve loved Jade since day 1 :)

09 10 / 2013

I’m so shocked, but also really happy that Ben is out because 1. He was Tim’s biggest competition. And 2. I really didn’t want him winning because…I don’t know. I didn’t want an over-grown child who has had like no game play to win. I’d just prefer someone to win who has played hard.

09 10 / 2013

Let’s be real here, you don’t know Mikkayla and you don’t know what goes on in her head and you don’t know what she does. Just because she doesn’t do exactly what you did when you had an eating disorder, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have one.

You can’t judge her based on what you see from an edit of Big Brother.

So you all should shut your know-it-all mouths and stop thinking you know people when you don’t.

06 10 / 2013

It better not be Tim who left. He’s the only reason I still watch this thing. Oh god. Nope. no can’t handle that

06 10 / 2013

Woah woaH WOAHH. So someone left BBAU and here are my thoughts…

I highly doubt it would be Tim, Ed or Tahan, because those three seem like they want to win the most and have been playing (or attempting to play) the game really hard.

I think Ben could have, but I also doubt it. He just seems too chill and seems to be going with the flow with everything.

Drew seems a bit different lately. Like he doesn’t seem to be that much into the game and he’s obviously missing Tully so maybe he just doesn’t want to be there anymore, but on the other hand he seems too chilled to get upset and want to quit.

Jade is a big possibility because the live feeds said that she wasn’t in a good mood today, so maybe there was something deeper there. BUT I think she would want to spend as much time with Ed as possible. Like she’s not dumb, she knows that Ed will probably drop her as soon as they’re out of the house and I doubt she’d want to leave him there with Madeline, so she’d probably want to stay and get as much out of it as possible. On the other hand, she did quit Italy’s next top model, so she’s proven she has no problem with quitting reality shows.

Mikkayla I’m not sure of. She just lost her two best friends in the house so maybe she’s miserable there without them and we’ve seen her get really emotional and stuff before so I don’t know. But I don’t think it’s her because she’s a bit more headstrong than that.

Madeline, Boog, Nathan- All intruders so all on the outs with the group so one might want to leave. I don’t think Boog though because she seems to be having fun in there. Don’t know about Madeline¬†though.

My money would be on Nathan leaving because he doesn’t seem to be coping well with the whole thing at all.

So yeah, probably an intruder UNLESS someone left because of other circumstances like a loved one died or something similar like that, like Josh leaving last year. in that case it could be anyone. 

EDIT: Just read that the housemate sacrificed themselves for another. So probably Boog or Madeline chose to leave so the other could stay probably maybe.

04 10 / 2013

I’m looking at the live feeds from the past 24 hours and I literally just cannot deal with Tahan.

Like she’s upset that Katie and Lucy didn’t say much about her or anything positive about her in their goodbye message. I MEAN REALLY?! Does she seriously expect the sisters to give her the time of day when she was a total bitch to them 24/7?

Like what, she thinks she deserves the sisters to say something nice about her?”Is she fucking kidding me? Get the fuck off your high horse

03 10 / 2013

Ben is like a cross between a 5 year old an a 70 year old